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Jakov's Christmas Message for 2022

Dear Friends of Mary’s Hands, for this year’s Christmas card, we have decided to send it to you from this place of prayer, from this place of forgiveness, and what is most important, from this place where Jesus is always present. In spite of a specific date, Christmas is not just one day during the year, but it lasts all throughout the year. And what does Christmas mean to us? Does it mean just a table full of goodies or a brand-new coat? Christmas is the joy of mankind, the awaiting of Jesus to come into our hearts. The best way to show Jesus is coming into our world is through our good deeds. Therefore, let us help people in need. Let us bring a smile to their faces. Let us hug them. Give them warm words. Let us bring the joy of Christmas into their hearts. Let us turn around ourselves. Let us look into the eyes of our friends, acquaintances, and people in need. Let us help each other. Let us be Mary’s extended hands. And, thus, let us become somebody’s Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all!

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