Soup Kitchen Opens

Message from Jakov Colo

Dear Friends of Mary’s Hands, the day has come, a very special day for us. That is the day I have dreamt about since the very beginning of my involvement in Mary’s Hands. We have finally, today, inaugurated the public kitchen. It is called Meals for Everybody, Mary’s Hands. What is rare about all this? When I started to work in Mary’s Hands, I felt in my heart a deep desire. My desire was to open one public kitchen. Thinking of how we can make sure to give a meal to those who are in greatest need.  That is something basic that every single person on Earth should have, one meal a day.

But then it was not possible. I trusted it in all God’s hands and prerogatives, as I do with every single project that we start. I always say, Lord, you take care about it. And God has taken good care about it. And God decided in his providence, that day to be today. It is such a great joy for me to be able to do something for our fellow brothers and sisters.


Unfortunately, there are so many people that are in need and numbers are increasing daily. They are not asking for much, they are just asking for a piece of bread, one warm meal a day. I want to give my thanks to the Lord, as I want to thank all of you, our beloved benefactors and friends. All of you who have helped us make this project, my dream, come true. Perhaps, you had to take a piece of bread out of your own mouth in order to send us something, in order to help us make this project come true.


We are continuing with our work. We shall start immediately providing 200 meals daily. Whoever comes to this place will receive a meal. One more thing, we do not ask about anybody’s religious beliefs or nationality. We are all children of God. Everybody who is in need is welcome here.


Once again, I would like to thank all of you, I will start crying. It took us time to realize this project. Much sacrifices had to be made, but thanks to God, our sacrifice, yours and ours, is not in vain. I will never be able to thank God enough for the two big extended hands of our beloved, heavenly Mother, Mary. As are all of you, each one of you who has helped us realize this project in any way that you did.


Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your donations. Thank you for everything that you have done for us and have helped us do for everybody else. You will remain in our prayers constantly and please don’t forget to pray for all of us over here as well. May this project continue and may it spread as much as possible. Thank you.  

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